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A new wave of innovations (unpublished data), which came out during the last 3 years research work in the field, is currently taking the form of a specialized portable camera system for assisting diagnosis in colposcopy. This new development has been clearly benefited from my fifteen years experience in developing methods and imaging devices in the field. The camera system detects and captures abnormality "hot-spots" and the system's computational unit calculates displays and quantifies the "hot-spot" pattern IN REAL TIME! Figures below illustrate the snapshot scans of one low-grade (left) and one high grade (right) cervix.

These graphs are displayed in real time and side-by-side with the regular color image of the tissue. Both the color and the pattern are refreshed in video rates thus enabling the user to examine the entire cervical (and vaginal) anatomy, searching for "red flags" in the displayed textured pattern artificial image. The camera can be adapted to any regular colposcope or be mounted to a specially developed light weighted articulated arrangement or even to be operated as a hand-held device.