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On the basis of my innovations in the fields of non invasive diagnosis and non destructive analysis, I founded DySIS-Medical, (formerly forth-photonics) a Spin-Off company based in Edinburg and Athens.

The company produces and distributes the DySIS Imaging device that I have invented for assisting and objectifying the non-invasive diagnosis of cervical neoplasia. Apart from being the inventor of the company’s imaging technologies I have been instrumental in the successful launch of two imaging devices: DySIS and multispectral imaging workstations. Particularly, as a member of the Board of Directors for about nine years, I was responsible for making strategic decisions and supervise/guide implementation with regard to all aspects of scientific, technical and clinical affairs. Particularly I designed three device versions including commercial ones, I designed and coordinated one phase-I and two international phase-II clinical trials and I designed the FDA clearance approach, which proved to be successful. I also attracted about €3 millions from grants (as Principal Investigator) and I was key or sole contributor for raising about €15 millions from European Venture Capital funds, from privets and from the Scottish Government (Scottish Enterprise). Finally, I presented the technologies in numerous international conferences and invited contributions and received presentation awards. Today, the product development and clinical validation phase has successfully completed and DySIS-Medical has clearly entered to the commercial phase having appointed numerous distributors worldwide.

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