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My research activity is centered in the field of Biophotonic-Imaging. Biophotonics is a new, interdisciplinary field, whereby advanced photonic methods and technologies are employed for probing and studding complicated phenomena, structures and processes in medicine, biology and biotechnology.

My research in the field of Biophotonic Imaging aims at addressing the demand for a powerful diagnostic and screening tool, capable of

  • detecting tissue abnormalities at an early stage,
  • avoiding multiple biopsies,
  • allowing faster, more effective diagnosis and treatment and, optimally,
  • offering diagnosis and treatment, optimally at the same consultation.

The working hypothesis of my research is that changes in tissue state from normal to pathologic alter its microstructure and functionality, and that these alterations can be detected in vivo, by exploring and exploiting the light-tissue interaction phenomena. The measurement and the analysis of the characteristics of the light re-emitted from the tissue can therefore provide quantitative information about:

  • the presence of different molecules,
  • structural or functional changes occurring during the progress of the disease.

Comprehensively, optical interrogation of the tissue may provide a quantitative measure of neoplasia grade, in vivo, together with the lesion’s delineation for guiding diagnosis and treatment, something unattainable with existing-established techniques.